Bless me father I confess

to breaking every one

of your ten commandments

except the one thou shalt not kill


But still I killed in crueler ways

through love I choked, drowned

shot in cold blood before it ever

had a chance to breathe


Bless me father I forget
it has been so long since
my last confession I have
no more memory of sin

The Life of Dan

Our dear husband, father, brother, uncle, and friend, Dan von der Embse, passed away suddenly on February 3, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah of a pulmonary embolism. He was 59 years old.

Dan was born on December 7th 1955 in Mansfield, Ohio to Charles Vonder Embse and Kathleen (Schmutzler) Vonder Embse. He grew up in Mansfield and attended Ashland University, graduating with a degree in theater before embarking on a long and successful career in advertising.

Dan married Jayne, and became the very proud father of Alex von der Embse. He later married his best friend and love of his life, Gina Pingitore. Dan cherished time spent with Gina at their Westlake Village home, and on their many trips together abroad. He especially loved their long journeys to Italy, where he felt a deep kinship and connection to the Italian people and their culture. Dan and Gina planned to retire there.

Dan was a quietly passionate man of many layers. He had a quick and disarming wit, and he knew just how and when to use it. He loved good food, great art, fine wine, and close company. He loved his family. He was the friend who could be counted on and a trusted mentor to many. An accomplished poet with a curious mind and romantic soul, he was a master interpreter of life’s rich cadence.

Dan is survived by his beloved wife Gina, daughter Alex, brothers Ed, Chuck and Mark, their children Mark Jr., Beth, Susan, and Haley, brother-in-law David and his wife Joan and son Nicholas, and his devoted canine companion, Stella. His sudden loss is a tremendous blow that is difficult to process. The grief felt by all who loved him is profound. We will miss him terribly.

A celebration of Dan’s life will be held on February 11th, 3pm at the Four Seasons, Westlake Village. Donations can be made to Best Friends Animal Society or the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra

haiku television eighteen super bowl sunday

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“i don’t want to
seem dramatic but today
has been suboptimal”

andre braugher brooklyn 9-9

you went from Homicide
bottom of the ocean
in a submarine

but you’re back baby
funnier than everyone
you’re stealing the show


“then he told me
he was worth more dead than alive
to his family”

can someone tell us
how they always have time
to sit down to dinner

Blue Bloods

“i don’t think this warrant
is legit because it’s signed
by judge judy”

“i’m not looking
for a decent human being
but a good doctor”

The Closer

At 10:00 EST

show of hands
how many turned on the superbowl
to watch the blacklist

” even the blacklist
couldn’t have as many twists and turns

Some Guy On NBC


“do me a favor
if you don’t need to be in here
don’t be in here”

Law and Order

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Behind my house
in the winter lettuce
lizards sunbathe until
clonk clonk clonk –
Here comes the devil
sending them racing
toward leaf cover
cursing man and cold
asking their reptile god
to rain grasshoppers –
A miracle to restore them
to their faith in the sun

©Daniel von der Embse