Roger Angell on life in the nineties


The blogger Diahann Reyes has an interesting post about aging from a woman’s perspective. Her post recalled this excellent essay by the great New Yorker contributor, Roger Angell, who writes with his typical detail about living to be in his nineties. I found myself relating to so much of what both writers have to say. I especially identify with Angell’s discussion of feeling “invisible.” I first noticed this feeling after turning fifty. I thought I came up with the idea, but evidently not. Oh well, another sign of dementia.




6 thoughts on “Roger Angell on life in the nineties

  1. Love his inner tracking. I have sometimes looked at my much older relatives and wondered what it is like to be in that phase of the aging process – as their body and mind changes. I also remember my grandmother starting to get more quiet at gatherings. Was she just having less to say or had settled into the invisibility society had bestowed upon her with time?

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  2. I was quite impressed with Diahann Reyes piece, and because I was running a little late, I almost skipped the second link…but didn’t. What an absolutely amazing article by Roger Angell. I read every single word, and many of them more than once, simply because I liked the way they flowed. What an incredible mind. Thank-you very much for the heads-up, it was very much appreciated. And now I really do have to run.

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