Rain dancing on panes
Sounds like music in my bed
the ring of strings plucked

You wake me softly
weightlessly on top of me
you are second skin

Longing for fresh air
your mouth is smothering me
breathe for both of us

Your taste in my mouth
the smell of chocolate skin
ringing in my ears

The last time we touched
there was nothing there to feel
just a door open


This poem is made up of several three-line haiku-style poems I’ve written in the past. I wondered what might happen if I put several of these together — if there was a bigger story that might emerge. It seems that way. In any case, I rather like the result.



©Daniel von der Embse

12 thoughts on “Awaking

    • Thank you, my feedback is that comparing oneself to another leads to self doubt and disappointment — better to keep yourself focused on what is in your heart and speak your own truth, and the rest will take care of itself.

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