I’ll not be alone though it feels good sometimes
to enjoy the company of no one but self
Enjoy the connectedness
that reminds of what makes us human
in spite of ourselves

Feeling that connection now
flying away to find you somewhere way up high
Joining all the little dots seen below
that will soon become large faces and bodies
recognized in the mirror, on the street, television,
and everyplace we go in search of who we are



©Daniel von der Embse

Christmas has come

When Christmas came
it was no miracle
just the day drawn out from purgatory

Waking up there was injustice
angry crowds hurled stones
picked from stockings hung on hearth

All the care that had once gone into this day was missing as the beauty was stolen
by ones who would own it all

Boxes wrapped in foil piled high
opened by hopeful children in the dewy morning – ripped up, discarded

Empty props for a photo shoot
on the true meaning of Christmas
ritualized spirits draped in fake snow

Everything once expected this day
recreated in the tableau of beautiful
white skinned envoys of a god of falsehood