I’ll not be alone though it feels good sometimes
to enjoy the company of no one but self
Enjoy the connectedness
that reminds of what makes us human
in spite of ourselves

Feeling that connection now
flying away to find you somewhere way up high
Joining all the little dots seen below
that will soon become large faces and bodies
recognized in the mirror, on the street, television,
and everyplace we go in search of who we are



©Daniel von der Embse

New (Christmas) Comic Up!

Merry Christmas

LMG comic updates

Merry Christmas!Taking a break from the normal comic! Here is part 1 of 3 of my lovely Christmas comic for you to smear your eyes all over:

And in other news, I don’t know what’s going on with my blog! Yesterday I swear I was not even at the keyboard when my blog re-blogged something I had liked! The last time this happened I thought I did it, but this time, it couldn’t have been me! I was in the kitchen drinking heavily making oatmeal when it happened! It’s ghosts or something! I have no idea.

Anyway I’m sorry for everything! I hope that error didn’t ruin anyone’s day. Until next time!

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