As when you were here (I Am Waiting Poetry Series) Silver Birch Press

Thank you Silver Birch Press for this gorgeous presentation of my poem “As when you were here.” What a satisfying way to end what has been a most fulfilling year. Happy New Year to all and thank you for reading and following.

Silver Birch Press

As when you were here
by Daniel von der Embse

In the house I keep
to remind me of you,
I wait for your return
to bring life back into the room

Your hair never cleaned
from the sink or your scent
lost from the bed, everything suspended
since you went away

On the table, the linens
brought back from Italy
soften the hardness of miles traveled
before we rested here

The front door kept unlocked
for you to enter without a knock,
nothing that could delay you
from rushing back to me

The creak of the hinges pitched
exactly as when you were here,
nothing changed
but the counting of the years

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I love this topic—Waiting! Years ago as a young actor I played Vladimir in Waiting for Godot — a transformative experience. Now, 40 years on, I spend most of my time traveling and waiting in airports…

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2 thoughts on “As when you were here (I Am Waiting Poetry Series) Silver Birch Press

  1. The ambiguity is what I like — you don’t know if the longing, the waiting, is for someone who is gone forever (dead, left, etc) or gone for a few days (on a trip, etc.) Either interpretation seems possible.


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