When I am dead

Place these flowers
upon my chest
and lay me to rest
don’t forget to say
a few words
over whatever is left

Do remember to say
that I was swell
a hell of a friend
kind to animals
good with children
and always on time

A big hearted fellow
larger than life
good sense of humor
laughing at death
a man to remember
until you forget




©Daniel von der Embse

9 thoughts on “When I am dead

  1. Reblogged this on Noor Approves and commented:
    This was beautiful!
    Life’s too short to waste wallowing. Make something of your life! You’re going to leave this world someday but as this poem so accurately describes it: there are going to be people left behind- how will they remember you?

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  2. until you forget the good hearted fellow, or

    until you forget to forget, (which might possibly be remembering)

    when you forget because you have dementia… ? now let’s see … there was another one …. ???

    nawww … forget it … ! ks


  3. I loved it, just light-hearted enough that it was still respectful and showed a concern for what the others will think.


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