You are the ringing in my ears

The love of you pulses through me,
pounds in my brain –
with or without you here,
I am ever in your possession
Every minute brings some thought of you;
it plays in my mind
like a movie over and over,
each frame reveals what wasn’t seen before

I’ve been afflicted with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) for a couple years now. It could be caused from all the flying; I don’t know. I first noticed it after I’d been on an airplane. Mine sounds like crickets chirping. Before I knew what it was, that’s what I thought I was hearing. The chirping is louder or softer, depending mostly on stress; sometimes I’m not aware of it at all, other times it’s like a cricket army pounding in my head. This poem is my tinnitus survival mechanism.




©Daniel von der Embse