In the laurel
a small sliver of light
illuminates red breasts
resting their wings
before taking perch
upon Anglican towers,
seeking there the power
to ordain those present
in their almighty will,
meeting all resistance swiftly
stomped to hell, an example
for souls yet to be saved

©Daniel von der Embse

in pieces together

What were we trying to say
all those years we stopped talking,
blindsided by love’s betrayal
that shattered us into pieces
too many to restore

Feeling no other choice
we try to make something
from the giant jigsaw puzzle
laid out in front of us
but not sure how or what

We resolve to work a little each night
but the pieces don’t fit, the picture
no longer makes sense, and we are lost –
resting our senses for another day
to try again

©Daniel von der Embse©