I want to touch someone
and be touched in return
to feel the soft skin again
warm and good
But it is not mine now
only the memory of it
once a thing I knew
now in a place I know
is not there
but look anyway
hoping to find it
believing anything
is possible

©Daniel von der Embse

3 thoughts on “touch

  1. I am intrigued to know the backstory to these poems. I read them and sense extreme loss and longing for a lover. Yet others express entirely different thoughts and interpretations of what your poems mean. I’m curious if you will ever share where your inspiration comes from…

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    • Hmmm, this suggests to me that the poems are working exactly as they should: To say the things that can’t be said; to raise more questions than they settle. Thanks for your thoughtful comment and your readership. It’s most gratifying.

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