roller coaster

Words drink too much,
turn the conversation
into broken glass –
brittle, bloody

Some careless thing
gets held onto,
an act once shaken off,
becomes unforgiveable

the riding up and down
becomes too much
and we resolve there’s no use,

That’s when tears come,
feeling that unhappy together
is more bearable
than miserable apart

We have learned
how to make room
for each other
on the roller coaster,

to keep our places,
hold onto our seats,
so that we might learn
to love the ride





©Daniel von der Embse

4 thoughts on “roller coaster

  1. The way I think the ride works is that a roller coaster for one partner may be perceived as a beach stroll by the other. Of course, those perceptions trade off. I think a walk holding hands is a pretty good day, but so can be the roller coaster where both hang on. Nice poem.

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  2. Beautiful… it really is such an inevitable ride sometimes, isn’t it…and definitely want to stay seated up to the end as opposed to having a permanent falling out, so to speak.

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