song for a friend now gone

I used to sing with him did you know?
We made sweet music for a drink or two
It was a long time ago before you were born
We’d sing of a time we never did know
With no need to worry about being alone

I used to love him did you know?
We’d put on a show for a drink or two
Without any clothes and nothing to hide
But the child inside
We sang it loud we didn’t care
If no one was there

I saw him one last time did you know?
We carried each other over the snow
And settled in for a drink or two
No one knew it was time to die
One more song to remember us by
I hear it now ringing in my ears
Getting stronger through the years



©Daniel von der Embse

4 thoughts on “song for a friend now gone

  1. That is certainly a shame, but who knows about these things, maybe he’s listening even now. btw, I loved your accompanying poem, and forgot to mention it in my old age.

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