Robin Williams, Andy Kaufman, Carnegie Hall

I saw Robin Williams onstage only once. He did a cameo appearance in Andy Kaufman’s legendary 1979 performance in New York’s Carnegie Hall. Robin came out disguised as an old woman — Andy’s “grandma” — and sat quietly watching the show till the end when Andy revealed it was him. After the show, buses lined up on the street to take us all out for milk and cookies. ( We went to a nearby school cafeteria, where there were indeed milk and cookies, and bands performing.) I’m so glad we have a video record of this amazing show. They’re both gone now. But it’s still an unforgettable memory.

3 thoughts on “Robin Williams, Andy Kaufman, Carnegie Hall

  1. Wow. A performance within a performance. I remember Kaufman as a funny yet tragic figure. It’s too bad that another tragedy has been added…

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