poetry, advertising, and hal riney

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I’ve always enjoyed reading and listening to poetry. But I’ve only recently been writing and publishing it. My mission is to write poems for people who think they don’t like poetry. I’m not a conventional poet. I got here after writing advertising for many years. I think poetry has influenced my advertising writing, and vice versa. My poems tend to be short, like most advertising. I use words to create mental images. Good advertising does the same thing. And my poems tell a story about feelings, without telling the reader how to feel. It’s the same with a great ad.

Poetry helped me become a better advertising writer. And advertising has helped me become a better poet.

The best advertising writer during my lifetime was Hal Riney. He wrote like a poet, evoking feelings, telling stories, and creating mental images. He also voiced many of his own commercials, like a poet, becoming as well known as a voiceover artist as a writer. His best work is still some of the greatest advertising ever created.

I never worked for Hal Riney, but his influence on me was huge. I may or may not have consciously copied his style, but it found its way into much of my advertising writing. I’m grateful for that.


2 thoughts on “poetry, advertising, and hal riney

  1. Hal Riney, indeed! I love his storytelling, but I haven’t always had clients who were willing to let me use that approach. I really like the audio feature you’ve incorporated into the blog.

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